Celes Davar

Celes Davar is president and chief experience officer for Earth Rhythms, a small award-winning experiential tourism company located in the Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia. For 23 years, he has been crafting memorable visitor experiences in collaboration with non-traditional community experience partners featuring local people and their stories. In the initial years, Earth Rhythms operated at Riding Mountain National Park, helping Manitobans and international travellers to discover heritage, art, culture, nature and cuisine through interactions with local storytellers.

Celes is active throughout Canada (Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, PEI and Newfoundland) as a facilitator and practitioner, enabling communities to learn how to craft engaging visitor experiences. He helps to build community capacity, think smartly with limited resources, and be creative. Celes’s passion for uncovering community gems and creating collaborative tourism experiences (featuring local folks with stories to share through unique experiences) is matched with his desire to see community partners “own the stories” in their backyards, deliver them as inspiring experiences, and lead with Responsible Tourism practices. In short, coaching community partners to collaborate, discover more of what is local, and choreograph these stories into engaging experiences. The results are in! Many communities and their partners are starting to layer in new travel experiences to help them be financially sustainable, kick-start new experience development strategies, and challenge everyone to thrive and lead tourism development that is relevant, and showcases the community in an environmentally and culturally sustainable manner.

Celes is a co-facilitator/founder of Edge of the Wedge, Canada’s longest running experiential tourism training program sponsored by the Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable Tourism (GMIST). October 2019 will feature the 43rd edition of this three and a half-day experiential tourism training program for Atlantic Canada community partners in Rocky Harbour at Gros Morne National Park.

Celes has been coaching Sherbrooke Village and its community partners this year in a collaborative venture to expand their inventory of memorable visitor experiences along Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore. A spark has been lit! The museum staff and community partners have been creative, having stepped up to create and offer new experiences. Together, they will be sharing stories, new experiences, and their pride of home in delightful ways. Celes is looking forward to sharing “lessons learned”, along with Sherbrooke Village’s community team, for registrants who attend the Mining Your Museum: Making Every Nugget Count September conference.

Learn more about Earth Rhythms: www.earthrhythms.ca

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